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Photographer Emily Stein Highlights Natural Hairstyles for Black Girls and Boys

Posted By blackhairio on Kids Hairstyles - Emily Stein set out to showcase natural hairstyles of black girls and black boys and celebrate them.

Photographer Emily Stein‘s young neighbors, children in a black family, were being chastised at school for having hairstyles that were “too colorful.” “[It] struck me as upsetting and something I wanted to celebrate,” she said via email.

How have the runway hairstyles for black women have changed?

Posted By blackhairio on Black Hair IO - Wonder how has the runway hairstyles for black models have changed over the years to now? Crystal Noreiga, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, reflects on being able to wear her natural hair for more than eight shows.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy: 8 Effective Ways

Posted By Upsmash on Growth

Hair are important part of our physical appearance, they make us look pretty and add in to our personality. Hair are great representatives of a person’s personality. You have to ensure that your hair look great so that you can take all the limelight and even stand out. However, growing your hair can be a lengthy procedure, so you may need patience. Keeping hair healthy on the other hand is not a big deal. You can keep any length hair healthy with proper care.

What are pH balanced hair products?

Posted By Rachael on Relaxed

It is important to understand what pH levels are and the effect a hair product’s pH has on your hair and how to properly use it on your hair. The pH of a hair product is rarely mentioned or considered when looking for the right products for your hair. pH is the Potential Hydrogen of a product and measures the acidity or alkalinity in a product. The pH scale ranges from zero (very acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline) with 7 being neutral.

Anything measuring from 7 (over 7) to 14 is alkaline. Alkaline products dissolve oil, grease and protein. High alkaline products tend to be more dryi

Kinky Curly Yaki Afro Coily Clip-Ins are My New Ish!

Posted By blackhairio on Natural - I’ve investigated some natural textured weaves, wigs, and crochet braids, but I’ve never looked into clip-ins – until now! Kinky Curly Yaki provided me with a first glimpse of their upcoming texture, Afro Coily, and I’m in love!

50 Best Black Braided Hairstyles to Charm Your Looks 2015 #braids #cornrows #blackhair

Posted By blackhairio on Braids & Locs Hairstyles - 50 Best Black Braided Hairstyles to Charm Your Looks 2015-Black women are gifted with hard textured hair that is strong from roots to the ...